“In all my years of community work, the 25 I’ve spent with Housing Assistance have been the most satisfying. We have done many great things over the years, but I believe some of our best projects are our most current.”

- Bill Stricker, donor and organizational founder

In 1988, Bill Stricker, Al Kissling, Bill Garrison and others formed Housing Assistance Corporation. Having spent 42 years in the building industry as Vice President of Marketing for the Pease Company, prepresntative of the National Home Manufacturer’s Association in Iran in the 1970’s , and Vice President of Marketing for Pete Green in Hendersonville, Bill understands the fundamental role housing plays in the lives of people and has used his time and resources to contribute to his local community through Housing Assistance.

Donors are Housing Assistance supporters, partners, and ambassadors in the community. They embrace the mission of providing safe and affordable housing for individuals and families with limited income.

$20 will provide a grab bar for a senior at risk of falling in their home. It only takes half an hour to install a grab bar, but can prevent from spending countless hours in the hospital.

The cost of a roll of stamps is around fifty dollars, which we use for just a few mailings each year. There are 300 addresses on our mailing list, so a donation of $150 would sponsor postage for an entire mailing.

$450 can replace a front door, meaning a return of security and protection from the elements. Typically it will take our volunteers around four hours of labor to replace a front door.

$700 can give freedom to someone stuck in their home due to mobility issues by building a ramp that allows them safe and easy access. A ramp takes 39 hours to build. Often, our Volunteer Ramp Team can get this done in 1 or 2 days.

Ways you can give to those served by Housing Assistance:

  • Annual Campaign: Donations generated by the direct mailings provide the building blocks for the many programs and services implemented throughout the year.
  • Online Giving: Simply go to and click on the DONATE button. It is an easy and secure way to give a donation any time of the year.
  • Event Sponsor: Fundraisers for a cause is a way for businesses and other organizations to support the work of Housing Assistance.
  • In-Kind and Mission Generated Donations: Homes, land, professional services, trees, building materials, event space, and food for a fundraiser have all been donated for Housing Assistance properties for various occasions.
  • Designated Endowment: Make a gift that is deposited in an investment account and the interest is used for an identified purpose Endowment last forever and touch many lives.
  • Corporate Partner: Have a business that believes that every human being deserves the opportunity to have a decent home? Housing Assistance will be your community partner.
  • Legacy Gift: A planned estate is a once in a lifetime chance to assure that your passion for helping those in need of affordable housing will be honored and remembered.