Home Ownership

“I’m a family guy. Family comes first. I grew up in Henderson County, but before the Self-Help Housing Program I would never have had a shot at owning a home while raising my two kids. Working on my own home also opened up a new line of work for me and I’m now doing construction for a living.”

-Thomas Tankersley, age 31 years



Self-Help Housing is a program in which participants save money and earn “sweat equity” toward their new homes by completing 65% of the labor.

Self-Help families are members of our Henderson County community whose income is below 80% of the area median income. People who have become homeowners through Self-Help Housing include healthcare workers, preschool teachers, teacher’s aides, hospital workers, small business owners, retail workers, butchers, and retirees to name a few. These Self-Help families are the people who contribute to making our way of life in Henderson County possible every day.

New Homes

The New Homes program in an alternative to the Self-Help program. New Homes offers the same attractive, quality homes at affordable prices with minimal or no sweat equity required.

Impacts of Home Ownership

Housing Assistance conducted interviews with 25 Self-Help households who have been in their homes between 5 and 17 years.

Of those interviewed:

  • 89% felt that their mortgage payments is affordable
  • Only 6% have second mortgages
  • 100% feel their house is structurally sound
  • 100% would recommend this program to someone else
  • 61% have furthered their education since moving into their home
  • 61% volunteer in the community
  • 83% vote regularly

Getting Started

Our home ownership programs have eligibility requirements that must be met before we can start. For information about our home ownership programs or the eligibility requirements, please contact Heather Boyd at 828-692-4744 ext. 108. You can also fill out the Home Ownership Pre-qualification Form.