Economic & Community Development

Employment opportunities created and/or supported through Housing Assistance Corporation development include the following:

Multifamily Production (2008-2012)

Construction and Operation Jobs 69
Land Acquisition $740,000
Site and Building Construction $4,872,000
Local Investment $1,800,000

Local investment as wages for local workers and profits for proprietors, small businesses, and corporations based on the National Association of Home Builder’s model.

Single Family Production (2008-2012)

Number of Homes Produced: 34
Construction Jobs on 34 Homes: 510
Construction &Land Acquisition: $5,032,000

Tax Contributions

Single Family (annually, based on 2011 data) $111,600
Multifamily (2008-2012) $97,055

We have also used our development and building expertise as an asset for economic advancement of the community through:

  • Development and construction of a Head Start and Telamon childcare facility at Sugarloaf Apartments
  • Land development for a Head Start center on Spartanburg Highway
  • Land development for the administrative offices for the Council on Aging for Henderson County and Western Carolina Community Action